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Too Much Pussy

Too Much Pussy
France / Germany 2010

Directed by Emilie Jouvet
Produced by Emilie Jouvet, Juergen Bruening, Jean-Pierre Zirn

Written by Wendy Delorme

Cinematography by Emilie Jouvet
Edited by Emilie Jouvet, Valérie Mitteaux

Costume design by Sarah Calas, Juan de Chamié, Delphine Von Kaatz

Featuring Wendy Delorme, Mad Kate, Sadie Lune, Metzgerei Metzgerei, Judy Minx, Madison Young

Length: 80 minutes
Format: Colour, HD, 1:1,78, Stereo
Language: English and French

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Émilie Jouvet
Émilie Jouvet,
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« It will most likely be worshiped by our generation, who recognizes itself in the exploration of a more liberated sexuality. A troupe of feminist sluts, decided to upgrade our consciousness! » Ursula Del Aguila, Tetue

Too Much Pussy

Too Much Pussy

A feminist road movie: a band of girls travelling in Europe playing with sexual roles and identities. Lesbianism, fetish, performance art, taboo breaking: going beyond all labels, a powerful work of women's claims and a step towards a new definition of woman.

Interview at the Gender DocuFilm Fest

Giona Nazzaro, artistic director of GDFF, talks to Émilie Jouvet, director, editor and cinematographer of Too Much Pussy, and to producer Juergen Bruening, during the screening on Friday August 27.

Giona: Émilie, can you tell us how did you start making your film?

Émilie: When I met the girls, I immediately fell in love with their work. I liked the clean and aggressive quality of their shows. So I began to think that it could have been a great fun to follow them with a camera, touring all over Europe, and begin to know them better. The problem was that we didn't have any money to make a documentary — or to make a film for what matters. So I turned to Juergen Bruening who is unbelievably good in starting up a project even with no money. I told him my idea briefly, chatting along, and he said that he would have financed the project immediately, paying for the minivan rent with his credit card. That's how the film started, with Juergen paying for the minivan with his card! I didn't have a clear idea about where to go, either. Initially I toyed with mixing fiction stories to the documentary part, an idea that I later abandoned, but not completely.

Giona: This relaxed and improvisation quality is pretty evident in the film, while the girls tour around Europe almost as in a road movie. Does the audience react with similar amusement at the screenings?

Émilie: Well, people react very differently. For example, I was blamed because for someone there is too much pussy indeed, but someone else complained because there isn't enough: some people would have liked to see more about the girls in the film. This is why I decided to return to the editing room and please this part of my audience: the new edit will be Much More Pussy!

Giona: That's a great idea, and a fantastic title! In fact, your film has a very direct and explicit approach to sex and female body, right from the title itself. I would like to hear what you think about these topics.

Émilie: I am not a documentarian. Too Much Pussy is my first documentary film. I do female porn films. I believe that porn should be taken away from the male and heterosexual domain. We should be able to produce a new pornography that depicts the dreams, the desires and the phantoms of women. I think this comes out from this film too, even if it is a bit atypical for me. Besides, people think about porn films as something strange, prohibited, but I find that porn is just a way of expressing love, and love is a natural thing. I think porn is perfectly normal.

Giona: Juergen, you are an expert in this field, so to speak. You are the owner of gay porn production company WurstFilm and also one of the organizers of the Berlin Porn Film Festival. Can you tell us your thoughts about porn and sex?

Juergen: Everybody knows I grew up with porn films. As far as I am concerned, I think it's mandatory to explore every form of sexuality. Without making a direct comparison, one of the models I keep looking at is of course Pier Paolo Pasolini, who spent his entire life in deconstructing the middle-class sexual framework with its very rigid ideology and very imposing laws. Even if it is not at all a "pasolinian" film, Too Much Pussy has a similar strength and overpowering attitude. It is a film I am really happy I was part of.

Giona: How did you meet Émilie and start to work with her?

Juergen: I met her at the Berlin Porn Film Festival, she was presenting her film, One Night Stand, a lesbian porn film, and I find lesbian porn very boring, actually… But her film was different, it was very fresh and immediate, and exciting. Completely different from the usual lesbian porn productions. When she came to me to ask for help for her new project, I thought the best I could do is to give a helping hand to the girls, to make them go "on the road" and let Émilie start shooting. They also needed money to rent the minivan, etc. Logistically and economically it was quite a complex documentary, and I am happy I was of help.

Excerpts from the script

Wendy: I wanted to invite people from the audience to put their hand in me, because I think there is something about the female sex that is always… either hidden, or sacred… There's always something. It's never a plain thing, an easy thing. It's always a big deal. Either it's considered something ugly and smelly and bad, or it's THE gate to Heaven…
Sadie: Yep. Madonna / Whore…
Wendy: It's never just a pussy, in people's minds. So I thought, "I'll just open my legs and invite people in and be really cheerful about it," and yeah, that's what I do. I open up, and I create solidarity with the people who put their hand in me, cause it's friendly and it's easy. And the idea of Fisting Club was to twist Fight Club, men fighting each other, into women loving each other, trusting each other. That was the point.

Wendy: I love this book by Michelle Tea where she talks about how, in her early feminist years, she was guilt-tripping about what she was fantasizing on, which is rape, so she went to support groups, consciousness-raising groups and she tried to change her fantasies and she tried to jerk off thinking about being on a boat and the ocean and feeling the wind in her hair and when she comes close to orgasm her fantasy inevitably gets twisted and she’s landing on an island and some man jumps from a tree and rapes her, and then she comes. And I love this story because it’s exactly what happens to me when I try to not fantasise on something hardcore or degrading, it always jumps on me at the last minute, and at some point I had to make the conscious decision to not feel guilty about my fantasies, because this is our duty also as feminists to not guilt-trip ourselves and feel wrong about our desires.